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Natural disasters don’t tell us when or where they’ll strike. Yet in the midst of devastation and loss, we have the opportunity to come alongside those affected to be the hands and feet of Jesus and put God on display through our actions. Whatever the circumstances, Mariners is called to respond in multiple ways, some of which are prayer and/or financial support through maintaining a budget specially designated for situations like these.

Not every natural disaster is the same, but our desire to show that we care is always present. In some specific circumstances, we respond with our physical presence. Responding through the local church is the best way to engage, because the local church stands present before, during, and after the disaster – helping the community turn to the Church. Other times, there is a need to identify a partner. We seek guidance from our immediate circles of influence, starting with our church leaders, staff, and congregation. We are guided by how God speaks to leadership, key individuals and volunteers in our church. Engagement can be for a brief season, or sometimes last long-term, dependent upon what would best serve each unique situation.

Christian Mungai
Outreach Pastor

Current Relief Efforts

Hurricane Harvey | Houston, TX

Our hearts are heavy for the people suffering in Houston and other areas affected by Hurricane Harvey. The need is great, and as a church we want to step in to help.

Here are three ways you can get involved right now: PRAY, GIVE & GO.

Keep up with our teams efforts: Hurricane Harvey Updates

I Want to Help

Canyon Fire 2 | Anaheim Hills, Orange & Tustin, CA

Many people in our community have been impacted by the recent fires in Orange County. If you or someone you know has been evacuated, lost homes or possessions, we are praying for you and want to support you with resources below. If you are interested in reaching out to those impacted by the fires, please see the I Want To Help section. We’re grateful to be able to stand with you and our community.

Photo: Irfan Khan / Los Angeles Times

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Disaster Relief Updates

Hurricane Harvey | Update 10

by Jacob McGinnis
Oct 1, 2017

It’s funny how we all hold onto things that must go. For Veronica and her family, it was the kitchen. Our team got to meet Veronica, her husband and their 7 kids after their home was destroyed by Hurricane Harvey. We were told we could remove the drywall…but to stay out of the kitchen. Clearing out a house after flooding is crucial, because of the build-up of mold. Mold that was also found in the kitchen. Veronica only spoke Spanish, so one of our team members had to access their long-dormant Spanish speaking skills to communicate. It was difficult, but one message was clear, “My husband will be upset if you take out the kitchen.” During our first day, we removed everything but the kitchen, leaving nothing but the kitchen for day 2. We prayed for her that night, and worked out a plan to try and bring up the idea of remediating the kitchen.

We fumbled and jumbled our way through the conversation, but soon she said it was okay to move forward. The next day, we began removing the kitchen. Part of our team was sent to Home Depot to buy a basic cabinet and countertop so we could at least reinstall the sink. We weren’t sure how the family would react. But the next day, Veronica and her family showed up to church at Ecclesia. We got to greet them again with smiles as they responded so kindly to us in thankfulness and warmth.

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