Men’s Ministry

We are about encouraging the men of Orange County to follow Jesus Christ in every aspect of their lives; challenging each to be a man of God in his home, workplace, church, and world. The Men’s Ministry connects men of Mariners with God and with other men through small group Bible studies and variety of programs and adventures throughout the year.

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What We Do

Men’s Weekly Life Group Bible Studies

Find community and join a weekly men’s life group. We model our groups after the verse:

As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend… Proverbs 27:17

We believe we grow in community as we study God’s word, and serve others.

Monthly BBQ / Breakfast

Every month we gather with hundreds of men to eat manly food, hear God’s Word through a guest speaker, and have tons of fun!

This year we are going through a series called “BE THE MAN”, where we take a look at one it means to be the man God has called us to be at home, at the workplace, as fathers, in our marriages, and live out all that God has created us to be as men.

For more information contact Tim: [email protected]

Sports Ministry

Guys like sports, so we have all sorts of great a sports ministries for you.
See our opportunities below and reach out to a ministry leader.


As a men’s ministry we want to be Godly men who serve. Galatians 5:13 says, “For you were called to freedom, brothers, Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through live, serve one another.” God’s Word is clear on our charge to serve others so we have many opportunities for you to serve.

For more information contact Jose Casillas: [email protected]


Intent of Our Mentoring Support: Our Mentoring Plus Ministry offers the men of Mariners an opportunity to engage in a one-to-one, iron sharpening iron relationship. An older man with greater experience in developing his Christian life helps a younger man address his Christian life development goals in areas like; spiritual growth, marriage, parenting, work, financial, health or other areas.

Key Functions of Our Ministry: The mentors in the Mentoring Plus mentoring team use several primary skill banks to serve their mentees. They maintain a focus on discipling their mentees one step closer to following Jesus in all dimensions of their lives. Mentors also mentor as they pass on to their mentees the wisdom they have gained from God’s Word, from following Jesus, and from going through “splintery knotholes” and “messes” like we all face in life. Mentors also Coach their mentees in gaining skills that will help them to do specific things well to follow Jesus. Mentors also instruct and teach their mentees knowledge, skills and attitudes related to things that will help them grow in following Jesus.

Participating in Mentoring: We are seeking men attending Mariners Church who are: Leaning in toward Jesus; committed to the development of their Christian life; and, desiring to follow Jesus and learn how to more consistently be and do what He calls us to be and do in the Bible.

You are invited to complete the Prospective Mentor or Mentee Information Forms below. We want to explore and discuss with you how our team of mentors works together and how we help a mentee connect with a mentor.

Mentors who serve on our Men’s Mentoring Plus Leadership Team review the Information Forms we receive and then get to know each prospective mentor and mentee. We answer their questions, share more details about the ministry, and orient and connect mentees with mentors as soon as we can.

Prospective Mentor Form
Prospective Mentee Form

For more information on anything related to Men’s Ministry contact Richard[email protected] | 310.809.8853

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